Thursday, 20 September 2007

New E-Guides Training Programme

"NIACE has recently announced its schedule for more E-Guides training starting in October.

The E-Guide programme aims to drive improvement in teaching and learning by increasing the effective use of e-learning in all areas of learning, by developing the skills and knowledge of E-Guides to support colleagues in their use of technology.

Training consists of a three-day programme, and is aimed at all staff, paid and unpaid, in post-16 education who are involved with the delivery of learning across different subjects and areas of learning. E-Guides need to be confident in their use of ICT, enthusiastic about e-learning, willing to champion change and able to work well with colleagues. The new training programme will be aligned with the National Teaching and Learning Change Programme (NLTCP) delivered by the Quality Improvement Agency (QIA).

Training events are held throughout the country and will take place from October 2007 - July 2008. The upcoming schedule for the West Midlands events can be found here."

From Ferl

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