Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tablet Project - Good News and Bad news…

Many thanks to those of you that submitted applications for our new 2011 Tablet Devices Project. During the past few weeks we have received some fanatic proposals for ways that these can be used for education and training and we are excited to see how these pan out in practice. If it works as well as the last Mobile Learning Project we expect we will be able to share some great feedback with you all regarding the use of tablets for teaching and learning.

So, the bad news…

We have had unprecedented demand for this project and so now we have suspended taking any new applications at this stage. This is merely to avoid delay and disappointment as we would like Learning Providers to have an appropriate amount of time to trial the kit effectively.

And the good news…?

We have now purchased an additional set of devices which will mean that if you are on the project list, you will now receive your set of devices sooner than would’ve otherwise been the case. We are currently scheduling the project loans and will be in touch with all participating Learning Providers in due course.

In the meantime we will continue to post findings about this project on the project wiki page as they emerge. We have already recently updated the page with a selection of CNET reviews that might help anyone interested in evaluating tablet devices make judgements on the usability, pros and cons of each.

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Upcoming Webinars - Training Where You Are

We have a number of online RSC events coming up over the next few months. These will be conducted via webinars so to attend you don’t have to leave the comfort of your office! All you need to take part is:

· a computer with an internet connection
· a headset (with microphone if you wish to speak in the open mike part of a webinar)
· a headset or speakers

(See the Beginner Guide to webinars for more.)


Our upcoming RSC e-safety seminar will examine the challenges faced when educating ourselves and our learners to be eSafe and suggest ways to raise e-Safety awareness.

This session will also highlight our NEW e-Safety Review service and point to a number of useful online resources that offer e-Safety advice and guidance from both operational and strategic perspectives.

Measuring Moodle Usage

A second webinar will demonstrate the RSC West Midlands free Moodle Stats application. Many learning providers in the region use Moodle as their virtual learning environment (VLE) but how do you measure the impact of Moodle on the learner’s experience? A good place to start is to evaluate how much Moodle is actually being used.

This event will showcase a Microsoft Access application that uses the Moodle log to produce reports and charts which will help learning providers analyse their Moodle usage.

Staff Development Managers Forum

The aim of this session is to facilitate discussion on good practice relating to staff development issues and e-learning across the West Midlands region. The agenda will focus on two areas. Firstly, the role and services of the RSC West Midlands and what we can do for you. Secondly, participants will have the opportunity to discuss any issues or highlight good practice.

Topics covered will include:

The updated RSC e-Progress Review Service, new RSC Assist Mentoring project, Technology Loan Projects and Initiatives, Accessibility, Take Away Moodle course and Fluke Network Diagnostic loan. This will be followed by an Open Mike session for participants.

More information and booking forms for any of these events can be made on our Events page.

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