Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Alternatives to the iPad

Ideal for anyone thinking of buying an iPad, this five minute video from the BBC Click team shows some good tablet device alternatives, listing the main features, drawbacks and prices of each. With Christmas almost upon us it’s a great time to consider what you can get for your money if you’re thinking of investing in one of these.

As part of a current mobile learning initiative, we now have a number of regional project teams that hope to evaluate the use of tablet devices in work based learning. These have the potential to offer some great feedback from a learning providers perspective so I’ll keep you posted with how some of these devices work out in practice, early in the New Year.


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Calling all Aspiring Authors...!

I’ve been asked to share the information below regarding the information pages that make up the RSC wiki. Anyone interested in contributing their e-learning knowledge and earning a tidy twenty pounds in the process, please read on...

The RSC West Midlands Wiki has been developing for a few years and is an increasingly popular source of information on RSC events and projects, as well as articles covering different areas of the RSC remit. It currently receives over 4000 page hits per month.

Until now, the majority of articles have been produced by the RSC team, but we'd like to remind you that contributions are particularly welcome from the RSC West Midlands community - in any of these subject areas:

· E-learning technology
· Learning Resources
· Strategy and Management
· Accessibility
· Teaching and learning

Make Your Contribution
As an incentive to article authors, we are currently offering a £20 Amazon voucher to the authors of the next five articles published (maximum one per applicant). If you'd like to take part, have a think about an e-learning topic you'd like to write about (within the categories as above) and send your idea to Matt Gallon: m.gallon@rsc-wm.ac.uk From there Matt will be happy to contact you to discuss words counts, format etc.

The wiki this can be a great way to share knowledge especially if there is an area of e-learning that you are particularly conversant with. My colleagues, our learning providers and myself use this as as source of reference regularly. We look forward to reading your contributions..!


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Monday, 13 December 2010

Nominate your Outstanding Learners for an Award

Do you know an outstanding adult learner or project that inspires you? If so why not nominate them now for the Adult Learners’ Week Awards 2011. The awards celebrate learning in all its forms, giving deserved recognition to inspirational learners who have changed their lives through learning and the organisations who have supported them.

Nominating for an Adult Learners' Week Award is simple, you can:

Nominate online;
Download the PDF or Word Nomination Forms and either print these off to complete by hand or email to alw@niace.org.uk; or
Order hard copies of the nomination form

Everyone nominated will receive a certificate of achievement. (What a nice idea). Winners will also receive a learning voucher, valued between £200 and £1,000, and will be invited to a ceremony during Adult Learners’ Week, 14 -20 May 2011.

Nominations submitted by 20 December 2010 will be entered for a FREE prize draw for the chance to win £200 worth of learning vouchers to spend on learning resources for your organisation.

Nominations close at 5pm on 28 January 2011.

There is more information about Adult Learners' Week Awards on the web here. You can also see some of our regional success stories on the 2009 winners page.

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New eSafety JISC Mail List

Do you have concerns over e-safety or want to know more about safeguarding your learners in a digital world? If so, this new JISCMAIL list may be of interest to you. A new, national eSafety JISC Mail list has been established to support communications surrounding issues relating to eSafety within the post 16 education sector. Using email, list members can share best practice, ask for help and generally promote the safer use of technology within an educational and social context.

I personally like the JISCMail lists because if you don’t want to register you can still read the messages that are being posted through the archives on the web thus ensuring you’re still kept in the loop. The archive can also be a useful as a source of reference (or useful to link to on your own sites for keeping abreast of what’s topical).

The list is still very new but so far topics have included:

Facebook - is it a threat or not?
Clarification on parent taking photographs
Ofcom Media Literacy e-bulletin
Resources for e-safety
Some alternatives to Facebook

If you have your own e-safety questions, this is a good place to get them posted. You what they say, a problem shared is a problem halved and all that! I look forward to seeing the discussions develop and to adding my own bits along the way. Hope you find it useful.

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