Monday, 12 November 2007

Practical E-Portfolios

Are you considering introducing e-portfolios? Do you want to find out about the range of possible solutions currently available? If so you may be interested in the upcoming “Practical E-portfolios” workshop that is being run jointly between East and West Midlands RSCs. This workshop introduces the thinking behind e-portfolios, provides a range of practical examples of their use in post-16 education and looks at the various approaches and tools available.

During the session you will also have a chance to get hands-on with a popular e-portfolio tool (PebblePad), including a demo account to experiment with. The teams will also be covering “free” (open source) e-portfolio systems and will look at related issues such as electronic Individual Learning Plans.

Places are limited but a few are still available for booking through the RSC East Midlands website.

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