Tuesday, 12 February 2008

e-Assessment Online Community of Practice

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) are setting up an e-assessment online community of practice to explore the topic of assessment and look at how technologies can be used in assessment delivery, recording and storage.

To help establish this online community a face-to-face workshop is being held in London on 25th February, during which practitioners can bring and discuss assessment materials they already use. Following this session an online community will further allow the sharing of ideas, experiences and resources. If you would like to attend the workshop or be part of the online community of practice please email Leahnie.Bennett@niace.org.uk to arrange.

If you’re simply interested in learning more about the opportunities offered by e-assessment, the guide ‘E-Assessment: Guide to effective practice’ that I previously mentioned in a previous post might prove useful. That covers the use of e-portfolios for assessment and offers a number of case studies in this area.

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