Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Innovate for Work Based Learning

Do you want somewhere you can get answers to your e-learning questions, share ideas and discover what other WBL providers are doing with ILT and technology? Then Innovate is a resource designed especially for you.

Innovate is a freely accessible online web site designed to support the Work Based Learning Sector in their adoption of ILT and e-learning. As a national resource, it provides the opportunity for WBL staff to engage in peer support and to join networking groups on various topics including e-portfolios, mobile learning and staff development.

You might ask… How can it be used and by whom?

The Innovate resource site and its related discussion forums can be used by all staff within Work Based Learning organisations. Its still brand new but the site already has almost 60 registered members!

For managers it offers advice on inspection, strategic advice and guidance etc. For delivery staff it offers resources that include “how to guides”, case studies, free content creation tools, teaching and learning resources and more. Innovate can also be used as a reference for anyone wishing to keep abreast of issues facing the WBL sector.

Is there a cost?
No, Innovate is entirely free to use. It was also set up using freely available online tools as a way of demonstrating what can be achieved with no, or very little cost.

Is registration required?
No. You are not required to register to use Innovate however registration will allow you to actively participate in discussion with peers, join online groups that focus on specific topics and ensure you are kept fully up to date on issues that might be of interest to you.

How can I get started or learn more?
Visit the main Innovate website, join the Innovate WBL community or contact us at your local RSC.

Like the Innovate model?
All of the Innovate site was created entirely with free tools which I’d be happy to tell you more about or demonstrate ways these can be used in your own WBL organisation. For ideas or advice simply get in touch.

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