Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Interactive Whiteboard Links and Resources

Last week Alison Nock ran another Interactive Whiteboard training session for us in which she demonstrated how they can be used effectively to enhance teaching and learning. To support this session I have now set up a new wiki page which has additional links and resources all supporting the use of Interactive Whiteboards. This includes links to resources covering:

· How to use your interactive whiteboard effectively
· Issues to Consider Before Buying a whiteboard
· Health advice on the use of interactive whiteboards
· SMART Two Minute Tutorials
· Alternatives to whiteboards
· ...the list goes on.

I’ll continue to update this wiki page which I expect might prove useful for future whiteboard training events and be a source of reference for those wanting support but unable to make the sessions.

It’s worth noting that for those that were unable to attend last week’s event, we will be running another one sometime in January 2009. To reserve an early place, keep and eye on our events page or email us with your details and we will add you to the waiting list.

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