Monday, 27 July 2009

Information Sheets on Technology for E-Learning

Following a number of requests for information from providers, Jason Curtis, our Learning Technologist has very kindly put together a series of information sheets that focus on e-learning tools and learning technologies. Each information sheet (in pdf format) provides a brief description of a particular device that might be used for teaching, its approximate price, specification and in some cases, suggestions for how it could be used in an educational context.

The list is continually evolving but so far includes information on:

· MiniProjectors
· Netbooks
· Busbi Video Cameras
· iPods (Nano and Touch)
· Digital cameras
· MP3 Recorders and
· Digital Notepads

The sheets are all available to download from our RSC wiki.

With many of our regional providers frantically rushing around trying to spend capital grants at the moment I suspect one or two of these might come in quite useful!

It’s also worth noting that for regional work based learning providers; Jason is available to provide free general advice and guidance on the selection and implementation of tools for e-learning. Should you have any queries about technology that you’d like to purchase or questions about potential use, you can contact Jason by e-mail or by phone.


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