Monday, 13 December 2010

New eSafety JISC Mail List

Do you have concerns over e-safety or want to know more about safeguarding your learners in a digital world? If so, this new JISCMAIL list may be of interest to you. A new, national eSafety JISC Mail list has been established to support communications surrounding issues relating to eSafety within the post 16 education sector. Using email, list members can share best practice, ask for help and generally promote the safer use of technology within an educational and social context.

I personally like the JISCMail lists because if you don’t want to register you can still read the messages that are being posted through the archives on the web thus ensuring you’re still kept in the loop. The archive can also be a useful as a source of reference (or useful to link to on your own sites for keeping abreast of what’s topical).

The list is still very new but so far topics have included:

Facebook - is it a threat or not?
Clarification on parent taking photographs
Ofcom Media Literacy e-bulletin
Resources for e-safety
Some alternatives to Facebook

If you have your own e-safety questions, this is a good place to get them posted. You what they say, a problem shared is a problem halved and all that! I look forward to seeing the discussions develop and to adding my own bits along the way. Hope you find it useful.

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