Monday, 20 June 2011

New Digital JISC Inform Magazine

I’m loving the look of the new format of JISC inform which is now a nicely presented digital magazine. The aim of this online publication is to still share JISC’s work to support learning providers but also give you the opportunity to share your experiences by commenting on what you are doing in your own organisation.

Throughout the current edition you’ll see comment boxes and functionality allowing you to upload your own links to video and add comments to the articles. Each article also has its own url, which means if you find a particular topic or article of interest, you can forward it on to colleagues or add the #jiscinform tag to blog and Tweet about it.

The current edition of JISC Inform is in beta because the JISC team are looking for your views. You may find that some elements don't work as you would like but please do let them know if this is the case and they will work to make those improvements before the next edition.

Some topics of interest in this one....

Information overload?
RSS feed readers, taking news from the noise. This copy of JISC Inform looks at how RSS readers can deliver your pre-selected news to your inbox, saving you time spent scrolling through multiple websites.

Saving money – your questions answered
Reducing costs is at the top of every learning provider’s priority list as we enter the 2011 financial year. JISC answers your questions about how they can help you trim your budget.

Debate: Is green ICT a priority in times of austerity?
Paul Rock is currently leading JISC's storage calculator project to help people in other institutions find out how much energy they would save by using the greener file storage pioneered by Paul and his team.

I hope you enjoy this new format as much as I do. I think its a great way to easily keep up to date with the support that JISC is offering learning providers across the board.


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