Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Using Tablet Devices in Learning, Teaching and Education

David Massey has recently published a very good article on his blog that nicely outlines some of the many benefits of using tablet devices in education.

Looking specifically at the new HP TouchPad, the following are just a few of the benefits he has noted:
  • Delivering presentations (either using the tablet to view the slides as you face the audience or class and could be used to display a presentation script)

  • Recording attendance (quick mobile method of recording attendance instead of using a traditional paper form, tracking spreadsheet or other electronic tracking system)

  • Use to display a variety of content to learners in order to demonstrate, explain concepts or use questioning within subject area, for example, like traditional flash cards

  • Acts as an extension to the main computer, allowing you to continue to access files, resources and other content on the tablet when away from the computer

  • Access Learning Management Systems (such as Moodle) as you continue to move around classroom or through learning areas and rooms, allowing you to conveniently check progress, assign tests and due to the mobile portable form factor discuss aspects whilst with the learner if carrying out a review.....

There are more noted in his post which can be accessed here.

He also notes that:

"...In terms of accessibility, due to a disability or other difficulties, then the TouchPad tablet is flexible in being able to resize the on-screen keyboard to your own preference (extra small, small, medium or large) or alternate between settings depending on the task being carried out."

This is exactly why we have included the new Apple iPad in our collection of Try Before you Buy kit (Currently available for loan!).

For work based learning in particular, David notes that :

"...tablets can be used in all sectors of education, whether primary, secondary, post-16 or workplace learning. Especially convenient for training and assessing in the workplace for recording actions of the learners whilst being able to move around with it, due to its space saving size and form factor. It is also a useful flexible tool for assessment purposes and to record progress, as the included camera could be used for evidence purposes, where as compared to using traditional methods, you would need to use a computer, which is probably away from the required work area, separate camera and then upload pictures to record assessment evidence."

He concludes...

"...Over recent years, tablet devices have become a popular new market area and in the future I believe they will continue to grow further for general use as well as within specialist areas such as learning, teaching and education."

I agree, and recommend this article as useful background reading to anyone wondering why tablet devices are creating a buzz in education.


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Anonymous said...

Theresa, thank you for featuring and recommending my blog post article on your blog and glad you found the article useful as background reading to anyone interested in the use of tablet devices in learning, teaching and education. Regards, David.