Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Developing e-Learning Skills and Course Design

Are you looking to understand how to create e-Learning that is instructionally sound? If yes, then read on for details of a course designed to introduce you to approaches to e-Learning and creating informative e-Learning courses.

Approaches to e-Learning and Developing a Pedagogically Sound e-Learning” is an eight week online course that has been developed by e-Learning Studios. Its aim is to educate vocational trainers and educators in a range of e-Learning methods, innovations and technologies to better connect them with a new generation of learners. The course consists of a series of webinars, e-Learning modules and a learning network where learners can share ideas and engage in peer to peer learning.

The course aims to:

Provide an introduction to a range of different approaches to e-Learning

Provide guidance, resources and opportunities to vocational teachers and trainers for practice in creating and delivering a range of different types of e-Learning

Help you to understand and apply pedagogically sound principles to e-Learning design, gain basic instructional design skills and apply the principles of good practice to e-Learning.

This course also includes an accreditation certificate in the subject of e-Learning.

Typical areas covered include:

· WebQuests and podcasts
· Creating videos for your e-Learning course
· Delivering training sessions through a virtual classroom
· Instructional Design
· Visual design and storyboarding
· Developing an e-Learning course using a rapid authoring tool

It also considers quality and good practice in e-Learning and the effects of culture and diversity.

The next course starts on 17th November 2011 and costs £495 plus VAT. Places are limited but there is still some limited availability. To apply please contact Parul Thakrar for an application pack at: parul@e-learningstudios.com

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