Thursday, 8 December 2011

Discovering Mentoring and using it to Enhance Student Experience

Wherever you work in the FE and skills sectors, the forthcoming changes in our education system increases the pressure to stay competitive. This makes it important to meet or exceed student expectations and find new ways of enhancing the student experience.

Providing mentoring opportunities, from peers and partners, offers opportunities to fulfil this need effectively, helping to improve retention and student success. What's more, mentors and mentees can gain confidence and skills that will be of substantial benefit to them personally.

A free webinar will take place online next Wednesday (14th Dec) between 12:30 and 13:45 and will offer an overview of Mentoring – outlining what it is & how it may be useful, followed by actual examples of schemes that are running for current students in the region. It will also talk about encouraging new learners and bringing employers and students together. The session will define the concept of mentoring and its benefits examine processes and technology for putting mentoring schemes in to place and illustrate these with practical working examples aimed at first or final year students.

The event is suitable for all staff concerned with employability and learner experience including senior managers, e-learning and quality managers, course leaders, particularly those involved in HE teaching provision, and support staff concerned with student welfare, careers, retention and employability. HR staff may also be interested with regard to staff CPD.

Find out more or register for your free place on our Event booking page.

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