Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Creating Learning Resources with Xerte Online Toolkits

Xerte is an international award winning, free, teaching and learning tool and it's Online Toolkits (which are also free) offer a convenient set of tools for easily creating e-learning content. The toolkits are also browser-based so you don't need to know any html or other coding language in order to quickly create learning objects that can contain a mixture of text, images, audio, video, quizzes and other interactive learning content.

As part of our support for the development of e-learning content we periodically offer training in Xerte as it has proved a popular tool for getting to grips with writing e-learning materials with little fuss. As a highly accessible and free tool, I also think it’s worth knowing about, even if it’s something that you don’t currently use yourself. So, if you haven’t seen Xerte before you can:

• ….browse this learning object that was created by Ron Mitchell of Mitchellmedia as a way of demonstrating some of the features of the tool and, furthermore, explaining just why he believes “…Xerte is the best thing since Lobster!...” Hmm, curious!

• …or directly proceed to this embedded youtube video in which some of those involved in its development, talk about its potential and current use.

Next steps:

If you’re familiar with Xerte and would like to know more about how it can support your organisation please note that we will be offering training in this popular tool at Wolverhampton Science Park, on 26th January 2012 at a cost of £75.00. This one day beginner’s workshop will allow attendees to become familiar with the Xerte Online Toolkit and is available to anybody who wishes to create e-Learning Objects. To book your place, visit: RSC-WM Events

We hope you can join us!

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