Monday, 13 February 2012

New - JISC Advance Funding for the FE and Skills sector

On Friday 17 February 2012, JISC Advance will seek proposals to enhance or repurpose existing resources to be used in the FE and Skills sector across the UK. This £1.4 million project will both improve the learner experience and increase provider efficiencies, in line with sector policies throughout the UK.

This opportunity is two-fold and offers sector providers and agencies the chance to:

• apply existing resources (from JISC or elsewhere) to their work and adapt them for their needs
• identify gaps in these resources or current uses for technology leading to the development of additional resources for the sector.

An initial £450,000 will be available to adapt existing resources with a further £900,000 available for development projects to address any gaps.

The project will be supported by the Regional Support Centres (RSCs) who will provide advice and support for providers in developing and implementing their projects.

Guy Lambert, Managing Director of JISC Advance said: “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the FE and Skills sector and JISC Advance is proud to be leading the project. Not only will it enhance the learner experience, but it will also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of providers, a challenge which everyone is currently facing.”

To get involved, take part in our online launch on Friday 17 February at 11am.

Although you don’t need to register, it would be helpful if you told us you are attending by e-mailing

Alternatively, contact your local RSC [] or Nigel Ecclesfield, Programme Manager at JISC Advance tel: 07508 531431.

We look forward to seeing you online!


On the day, the broadcast will be enabled 15 minutes before the scheduled time to allow you to check in and get settled before the presentation starts. You will need headphones to listen to the session without disturbing others around you.

Please note that we will be recording the session so that it can be viewed at a later date, this includes all chat comments, audio and presentation slides.

Blackboard Collborate is the platform we are using for this session. If you are new to using Collaborate we recommend that you read the Guidance Notes for further information on setting up and getting the most out of the presentation. You can also access a Quick Guide to Collaborate here.

To test your workstation and see if there are any problems, such as network configuration issues or browser compatibility, run the Collaborate Test Facility.


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