Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Examples of E-Learning in Work Based Learning

Are you curious to know who is doing what with e-learning?

The Excellence Gateway continues to prove a really useful source of information allowing you to discover just what is possible using ILT. Below I've noted some extracted summaries and links to just a few of the recent case studies that highlight how e-learning is being used specifically in the work based learning sector. Hope these will inspire you!

Our Information Officer, Kirsty Hill, also feeds into the Excellence Gateway with news and best practice from around the region. If you have an example you would like to see published, do get in touch.

Charnwood Training: Use of Tablet PCs
"Charnwood wanted to improve their retention and achievement rates in their training in the pub and club sector. By introducing Tablet PCs and electronic learning materials the company revolutionised access and the manner of delivery for its learners. Retention rates are now almost double to what they were prior to the introduction of the Tablet PCs...."

JHP Training: Paperless Monitoring for Work Based Learning
"A South West contractor, JHP Training...equip each of the remote workers with a laptop, mobile phone and digital recorder so that they can do their visits and compile reports without having to put pen to paper. They tape their conversations with the student, score them and load into the laptop. It is attached electronically as a “witness statement” to the student’s file. The students sign on electronically to chart their progress and see what needs to be done. All NVQs are now dealt with in this way...."

Construction Gateway: Tracking Success
"Construction Gateway Ltd. is a private training provider delivering construction NVQs. Their parent company have developed a fully integrated e-portfolio and Work Based Learning management system called ‘VeTAS' which has noticeably improved learner enrolment, assessment, tracking and portfolios..."

DV8 Training's virtual media company: Personal online space supporting work-related learning
"DV8's learners use an online resource to personalise and influence the design, layout and content of their online ‘portfolios'...The ‘public' showcasing and peer comment create a purposeful learning environment for a range of different learners but one especially motivating to those previously disengaged from education...."

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