Tuesday, 16 September 2008

E-Guides updates

NIACE have just announced that there is some availability on the E-Guides training programme and have confirmed that capital grants of £2,500 are now also available for attendance on these. See this previous post for dates in this region and details of how to book. This other post also lists a few of the activities that previous attendees undertook after their initial training, highlighting just how much enthusiasm the programme generates.

Follow up training, E-Guides Plus

In addition to the 3-day E-Guides Training programme, NIACE are also offering follow-up events for existing E-Guides. These free, one day events are designed to enable E-Guides to refresh and build on their skills and knowledge through practical hands-on workshops.

Details of these 'E-Guides Plus’ events and a booking form are available at: www.niace.org.uk/eguidesplus Hope to see some of you there!

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