Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Trying E-Learning, Hands On

Last week a colleague, (Jane Edwards) and I spent the day with staff from two regional training providers, as part of some staff development which offered an introduction to e-learning. Whilst there, we highlighted a number of tools that can be used for e-learning including voice recorders, pocket projectors, ultra-mobile pcs, ipods, digital cameras and more.

The most popular of these devices seemed to be the small digital video camcorders and digital notepads, which are generally proving popular in the sector right now.

During the afternoon we looked at a number of tools for creating resources that could be used for marketing your centre or as interactive learning materials. Here we focussed on a couple of tools that were also featured in last week’s e-guide conference as they’re not only free but very popular because of their ease of use. The first was Exe, a free authoring tool, and the second was Microsoft Photostory.

We were inspired to see their finished results at the end of the day, movies made entirely of photographs taken during the session and interactive multiple choice exercises, converted from paper to run as web pages with learner feedback. (The image above shows the work in progress!)

Overall it was a good day, and great to see such enthusiasm for the potential of e-learning. Thanks to all the staff from Protocol Consultancy Services and Birmingham Hotel & Catering Academy who made the event both enjoyable and interesting!


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