Monday, 25 October 2010

Create and Convert for Accessible Learning Resources

For those not yet familiar with the Equality Act, Matt Gallons recent blog post is an excellent starting point for understanding its implications for learning providers. If you are familiar with the Act, you may be aware that it now puts the onus on learning providers to take reasonable steps to ensure that their information is accessible.

Good news - Create&Convert has been designed specifically to help learning providers comply with this Act.

Create&Convert is a free tool that can take documents in common electronic formats (like MS Office, Open Office etc) and turn them into ‘epubs’ or talking books. In very simple terms it’s a suite of free software tools that learning providers can use to support learners who are print-impaired, experience difficulties with reading or who prefer to access content in a flexible and multi-sensory format.

How do I get Create&Convert?

There are two versions of Create&Convert - Microsoft Word 2003/2007 version and OpenWriter. Both versions are free to download and both work portably from a USB pendrive. The Word 2003/2007 version can also be run from the desktop.
Download your own copy from the RSC Scotland website here.

Other help for accessible resources

To learn more about ways that that you can make your own documents more accessible or understand the duties of the Equalities Act, West Midlands based providers can also contact our Regional Accessibility and Inclusion Adviser, Alison Wootton (E-mail or tel: 01902 518984) The posts below also highlights a number of resources supporting accessibility which you may find useful.

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