Monday, 10 August 2009

New Learning Technology Loan Inititative

As a learning provider, would your organisation appreciate having a range of tools for e-learning, freely available to use on a fixed period to evaluate their use? Well, as part of a recent RSC West Midlands initiative you now may be able to.

RSC West Midlands has recently bought a number of e-learning tools which are now available to loan to training providers in the region. Arranged as collections of kit, each set contains a wealth of items which aim to help you to bring the benefits of e-learning to all your learners. Contents include an Asus netbook; a hand held video camera, a portable e-book reader, voice recorder, MP3 player, digital camera, and more. You can see the full list here.

An objective of the project is that you consider the implications of accessibility and inclusion while you try out these technologies in the classroom. Another is that you see what using any of these devices in the classroom can contribute to your wider adoption of e-learning. Kind of like a try before you buy (but without the buy!) All pieces of kit come will come with associated documentation which typically shows you their potential for teaching and learning, pros and cons of their use plus more.

Participating in this initiative will allow you to loan a complete set of kit for a period of six weeks. In return you would be required to commit to an hours initial training introducing you to the tools and outlining the project aims, and to completing a short end of project review in which we would discuss your use of the technology.

There are no costs associated with taking part in this initiative however you must be from a West Midlands RSC Supported work based learning provider. To apply to take part and borrow this equipment, you need to register your interest with me and I’ll add your name to the list. (email:

We will be treating this in a first come first served basis so act quickly if you want to get your organisation registered to take part anytime soon!

* The image above does not represent the contents of each bag of kit. (My colleague Jane is not included either!)


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