Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Need a network set up? Borrow ours.

Thanks to the initiative of our Technical Adviser - Colleen Romero, the RSC West Midlands is now able to offer learning providers the loan of network kit, where a network is needed. This new Network-in-a-Box service is targeted at learning providers who conduct training in locations that do not have an existing network infrastructure. As such it may be particularly useful to Work Based Learning Providers and Adult and Community Learning Providers, many of whom often struggle with connectivity.

Interested participants can loan the following network equipment at no charge, for one month. This will allow them to utilise their existing mains power circuitry to access an IT network or the internet (additional dongle required for this).

· 8-port (wired) network switch
· 85 Mbps Powerline Ethernet switches
· Category 5 Ethernet patch cables
Using this equipment removes the need for complex systems or yards of cabling and makes it quicker, cleaner and easier to get online. The service will also include a demonstration of how providers can :

· Configure a shared wireless or mobile broadband connection
· Connect a Powerline Ethernet network

As part of the service, Colleen is also on hand to advise on issues relating to this specific hardware and its installation and use. In return she may just be interested to know how it went at the end of the loan period. (which seems a fair trade to me!)

If you’re interested in borrowing this kit to set up a network of your own, contact Colleen by email

(PS Those more technically minded amongst you can also follow Colleen’s tecchie tips on her blog).

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