Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Assistive Technology and Access Apps

Do you know what Assistive Technology is and how it can be used with learners? If not you can either click here for a web definition, or better still, sign up for this free regional event which will explore assistive technologies in practice. The event will also show you how assistive technologies can be used to empower your learners (as part of your new Equality Duties).

This popular session is a repeat of previous ones run by Alison Wootton, our regional Adviser for Accessibility and Inclusion. This one will be held on the afternoon of 2nd December, here at Wolverhampton Science Park. Set informally in our training room it will offer you a chance to look at a range of software and hardware, including:

* A variety of software (Read and Write Gold, Word Bar, Clicker)
* Digital Cameras, MP3 Players
* Trackerballs, Giro Mice
* Alternative Keyboards
* Pen Partners
* Low Tech accessibility options (coloured overlays, organisation tools)

All delegates will also receive a copy of the popular Access Apps suite of software, a USB stick chock full of software that can freely be used and run directly from the USB itself.

More about that here.

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