Monday, 26 July 2010

The new iPad

I’ve had a new iPad and despite us being commercially independant, I must admit that so far I'm very impressed.

Many of our team are iPhone users, have iPods and have used the iTouch and we can see how building on the successes of those, the new iPad opens up so many mobile learning possibilities for learning providers. I won’t list all of the pros and cons here, that’s for a future post, but for now I’ll leave you free to explore just a couple of things that have been said about its educational use:
In this post, David Muir based up in Scotland outlines what’s impressed him about the ipad and what educational application he thinks it might have. He also outlines a couple of niggles and several readers have also added their own comment to his post, which now offers a good perspective.

Here, Tony Vincent of the popular “Learning in Hand” site, has put together a great video highlighting some of the available educational apps for the iPad. (I watched this on the iPad after downloading the podcast which was very simple to do). Tony’s video outlines the iPads potential for use as a teaching tool. He’s also put a load of useful links on that page beneath the video and has also bookmarked over 30 lists of educational apps on his delicious page of links.

We’re planning to run some events in the not too distance future that will allow our supported learning providers to learn more firsthand about what iPads and other mobile devices like this can do to support e-learning. (As always, watch our events page for details).

In the meantime, should you wish to know more about the iPad, you can get a handful of guided video tours on the apple site. It’s marketing, but it highlights the main features and gives you a flavour of some of the plusses. If you are keen to know more, or get our opinion on how iPads can be used specifically for teaching and learning, feel free to forward your individual enquiries to us by email.

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