Monday, 29 October 2007

EGuides - Leading by Example

Many of you will have heard me outlining the benefits of the NIACE E-Guides training programme (which is currently free to WBL staff). It aims to drive improvement in teaching and learning by increasing the effective use of e-learning.

I attended one of the sessions in Birmingham recently and was delighted to see what positive steps had already been taken by e-guides after the first 2 days training. What follows are some examples of these activities that new e-guides were reporting back on. Some had:

  • Registered a free account with survey monkey and used that for conducting online surveys.

  • Downloaded hot potatoes and used it for icebreaker activities with learners.

  • Added a new session at the end of a regular internal verifiers meeting that discusses e-learning and cascades what was learned at e-guides.

  • Used memory sticks with learners so that all their resources are portable.

  • Working on developing an ILT strategy and action plan with team and with RSC support

  • Working on installing Moodle as their Virtual Learning Environment

  • Demonstrated how to use course genie and hot potatoes to other members of staff.

  • Used voting software with groups of learners at induction.

I thought this was pretty impressive and showed that e-guides were also real enthusiasts, and were really pushing the adoption of e-learning in their organisations. (All in our region too, which just confirms what the LSC suggested - that us Midlander’s really are keen on learning!)

In the coming months I’ll be working with our new Information Officer to capture the details of some of this activity and share some of it as case studies through the QIA’s Excellence Gateway. With 83% of you requesting best practice examples I expect these will be fairly useful. In the meantime, with the e-guides programme going from strength to strength, dates have also been available for December so it’s not too late for you or your staff to sign up for regional training yourself. If you do I look forward to seeing you there!

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