Thursday, 11 October 2007

NLN Materials - Just one week to go…!

In just one weeks time WBL providers are set to benefit from simplified access to the NLN materials which are now managed by JANET(UK) in partnership with the LSC.

Funded by the LSC and now available free to the WBL sector, the NLN materials represent one of the most substantial and wide-ranging collections of e-learning materials in the UK.

The NLN Materials are small, flexible 'bite-sized' episodes of e-learning designed to support a wide range of subject and topic areas. The materials adopt a range of approaches involving some knowledge acquisition, a chance to practice and absorb, and some form of assessment to check that the learning has been understood and the learning outcomes achieved.

The new service will be fully integrated, providing a unified point of access to the materials, and supporting the entire community of NLN materials users. The new site will also include all the features currently enjoyed by the ACL community, such as collection creation, powerful search and browse, and export to virtual learning environments or CD.

The launch date is set for 18th October so I’ll be checking the new site next Thursday to get a sneaky peak at how this new arrangement might enable us to get access to high quality learning resources even easier

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