Thursday, 12 February 2009

New Midlands E-Portfolio Group

With a growing number of e-portfolio users in the Midlands area, the East and West Midlands Regional Support Centres have jointly launched a new online forum to support the region.

The forum "Midlands E-Portfolio Group" or MEG for short, has been set up to offer support for people who are either using e-portfolios or thinking of using e-portfolios as part of their practice. The site should also prove useful as a point of reference and as a place to ask questions of other e-portfolio users.

The online group will also be supported by RSC organized face to face events, which provide opportunities for networking and show and tell sessions to share best practice amongst e-portfolio users.

You don't have to register to use the site, however its worth noting that by registering you will get to actively participate in discussions and ensure you are kept fully up to date on issues relating to e-portfolio usage. To join the group, post messages or register to receive the latest updates, you simply create an account using the 'join the group' link on the right of the main page.

To get started, learn more or read the current discussions simply visit the Midlands e-Portfolio Group page. We look forward to keeping you posted.

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