Friday, 13 February 2009

Upcoming Webcasts - Accessible from where you are

This month and next RSC Scotland have some interesting subjects lined up for a series of webcasts that they’ll be hosting online using Instant Presenter. The webcasts will all be accessible from simple web links and will allow participants to interact with presenters discussing particular topics. Viewers can also interact with other online attendees via text chat.

The following sessions are lined up for the next month:

Using Blogs for teaching and learning (17th February)
Access this session to find out more about blogging and how it can be applied to teaching and training.

Using Voting Systems for teaching and learning (3rd March 2009)
This session will look at the various types of Electronic Voting Systems on the market and how they can be used to make lessons more fun.

Mobile Technologies for teaching and learning (31st March 2009)
This session will outline the possibilities for the application of mobile technologies for teaching and will also highlight some of the issues that need consideration by learning providers.

To access any of these online sessions you’ll first need to follow the urls above and register your interest, RSC Scotland will then take it from there. Then on the day, log in with your allocated url, sit back, listen and enjoy!

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