Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Netbooks - everything you need to know!

One of RSC Scotland’s newsletters has just caught my eye with an interesting article on netbooks or ultra mobile pcs.

In their latest edition of "E-Quality - a netbooks special", Martin Hawksey, eLearning Advisor for the RSC Scotland North & East discusses the pros and cons of netbooks. He discusses a number of things learning providers should consider before investing in them, focussing on their operating systems, issues relating to connectivity, screen resolution, storage and size. He then goes on to address the all important question…

...Which Netbook should I buy?

Net books are becoming increasingly popular in work based learning because of their size, portability and their affordability. They are also useful because a lot of data and applications are now being stored online and staff and students can access these resources from anywhere using these devices. On his blog, Tony Vincent also discusses why they’re making such a big splash.

Like Tony and Martin, I expect we will see a lot more netbooks making their way into education and training, making this E-Quality article useful pre-purchase reading.

We are running several projects ourselves at the moment that focus on how netbooks can be used for teaching/training and will feedback on the experiences from these when completed. In the meantime, this Excellence Gateway case study shows how Nottinghamshire County Council are using these and outlines some of their findings so far.

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