Monday, 26 July 2010

New e-Learning Managers Community of Practice

Allen Crawford Thomas has recently established a West Midlands e-Learning Managers Community of Practice that is open to all of our supported learning providers .

You may be aware, that we already run an e-learning forum for Managers in WBL / ACL, but the idea of this community of practice is not quite the same. In this, the agenda is set by the members and the nice thing is that Allen has built up a small network of like minded people, who are willing to share knowledge, experience and, where they can, paper resources to help others overcome common challenges in the management and integration of e-learning. Subjects they have so far wanted to talk about are developing e-learning strategy, Electronic ILP’s, Safeguarding and staff development. You can also see an overview of what was included in their last meeting here.

Just a quick reminder that Allen is also on hand to advise on such things as e-learning progress reviews, use of the online Generator tool for assessing the impact of e-learning, Moodle development (especially for teaching and learning) and E-learning Strategy development.

Should you wish to join this new Community of Practice or require further information on any of these additional services please contact Allen Crawford Thomas by email at or telephone 01902 518930.

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