Sunday, 23 January 2011

Apprentice Learning Technologists

I often hear from Learning Providers about how they would love to implement e-learning but don’t have the technical knowledge in house or dedicated staff to be able to do this. Fully trained or experienced Learning Technologists come at a price too. So I was pleased to learn recently of new E-Learning focussed Apprenticeship scheme that’s being run by one of our regional learning providers.

The Development Manager (TDM) now have funding to run a special 'Learning Technologist/VLE administrator' Apprenticeship for providers. Basically, if a learning provider employs a 16-18 year old on a minimum wage, TDM could teach them to manage your Moodle, or help with other aspects of your e-learning, free under the scheme. (Worth noting the age of the apprentice isn’t just limited to 16-18, they could be older). TDM are also using the scheme to teach people how to run and manage E-portfolios such as Mahara and Infolio, as well as Content Management Systems to run websites. The exact modules that are taught can be modified to meet individual’s provider’s needs and apprentices will also complete mandatory units of Health & safety, developing personal & organisational effectiveness, and interpersonal and written communication.

Employing an apprentice in this way can offer a fairly cost effective way of making e-learning a key part of learning providers work. However it must be noted that this arrangement might not suit all employers, it will depend on their size and the support they could offer the employee.

Where it is feasible to take on an Apprentice in this role, the on the job training can be usefully tailored to the providers needs, helping them to focus those aspects of e-learning they wish to improve or develop.

More details about this regional scheme for Apprentice Learning Technologists or VLE Administrators can be found on the TDM website.

Further information about employing apprentices generally is available on the governments Apprenticeships website.

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