Monday, 24 January 2011

Making Savings through Greener Computing

As part our remit we can help regional learning providers with issues related to Greener Computing. This includes offering advice on infrastructure, IT and business support services with the aim of helping you to make cost savings on your bills whilst being environmentally friendly in the process. For work based learning in particular there are so many ‘quick wins’ that can greatly increase your efficiency when using IT and offer significant costs savings too!

Our E-Learning Adviser responsible for this area would like to contact staff within regional providers who have the responsibility for your IT with a view to sending them an online survey and also to encourage them to engage with a community of practice. Through these communities of practice learning providers in the region can come together (either physically or virtually) to share experiences, hear news about the latest legislation, learn about new ways to be greener with ICT and find solutions to problems.

If you would like to learn how your organisation can become involved, or learn more about making savings through Greener Computing, please contact Jane Edwards at


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