Sunday, 9 January 2011

Super Book of Web Tools for Educators

Stumbled across this useful book today, "The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators", a comprehensive guide for using technology in the classroom. It’s American so uses American terms when referring to the sectors it covers, but it has loads of useful inks to tools which can be used by various types of learning providers.

Its introduction notes “There are teachers around the world who want to use technology in their classrooms, but they’re just not sure where to start. That’s why eleven prominent bloggers, teachers and administrators got together to create this free eBook.”

The book highlights loads of free web based resources that can be used for teaching and learning. You’ll find some fairly popular tools covered (wikispaces, skype, googledocs, facebook) as well as some more obscure tools that cover everything from uploading to shared webspaces (dropit to me) creating animated books (flipbook), editing web pages for printing (print what u like) and more. The list of tools referenced is certainly a long one.

To get the most from the book, I’d suggest you pay little attention to the headings they fall under as many of these tools can be used in a number of settings. All in all, a very good publication - I’ll certainly be saving my own copy and checking out a number of these resources myself.

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Debb. x said...

After reading the websites listed within this book, I found that one of my favourites was the Weblist.

For quite a while now when I came across a useful website, I have added these URL's into a word doc and emailed the page to myself. Long winded and time consuming!

This weblist is an invaluable tool and has changed the way on how I can and will collect useful URL's in the future!