Thursday, 10 January 2008

Capital grants for LSC funded providers

The LSC is making capital funds available to providers whose staff attend various e-learning programmes that are being delivered under the QIA National Teaching and Learning Change Programme (NTLCP). These programmes include NIACE E-Guides, CEL’s e-learning programmes and the LSN Subject Learning Coaches’ e-learning elective.

Many of these programmes have already proved to be very popular in the region so it’s great to see that additional funding is now being made available to support them. It can help providers to be able to purchase the technology which allows their staff to fully realise the skills they have gained on the programmes.

Providers will be able to claim £2,500 of funding to buy ILT equipment and up to three participants per provider can attend each of the programmes. Providers can therefore, claim up to £7,500 from LSN, £7,500 from NIACE, and £7,500 from CEL – totalling a maximum of £22,500 per provider (which in e-learning terms can buy a lot of kit!)

The grant is available for staff attending programmes running from September 2007 to July 2008. As you can imagine, places on the programmes are limited, so if you’re interested in benefiting from this round of funding I’d suggest you book as soon as you can. You can do this for each of the programmes using the links below:

Dates and a booking form for the E-Guides training programme are here.
Further information about CEL’s training programme is here
For further information about Subject Learning Coaches e-elective is here.

It’s worth noting that most programmes also have an email waiting list facility for people to register interest so please get in touch if there is a programme you wish to be considered for that is noted on the website as full. New dates are being considered for some of the programmes to accommodate demand.

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Theresa said...

NIACE have set up a waiting list for the E-Guides programme and noted that additional events MAY be organised if sufficient interest is received.

To be added to this list, send an email to, with your name, organisation, contact address, telephone number, and your preferred location to attend. NIACE will acknowledge your email, and will then contact you should a place become available.