Friday, 18 January 2008

Converting from PowerPoint

Ever wanted to reduce the size of those massive PowerPoint files to upload to the web, make them more accessible or just to run more smoothly? Our HE Adviser Kevin Brace does and he’s also discovered and kindly outlined a few ways to do this easily and for free.

For learning providers using PowerPoint, these tips are worth noting because –

You still can’t guarantee that everyone has MS office
By converting to PDF your make documents available to a wider audience
Readers can use the PDF aloud option to read out presentations

In the post Kevin also notes how you can use Impress (a free PowerPoint type application) to easily export files to Flash format (.swf) or to convert to portable document format (.pdf)

Now there’s another good reason to try out a free software option that also offers you that little bit more.

Thanks Kevin!

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