Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Free and Freeware Software

Marcus P Zillman points to the Best Free and Freeware Software for Windows, a very nice listing of free and freeware software that can be operated on Windows (and are useful both at home and at work). It has tools listed under several categories including:

Office tools
– including Open Office , a suite of free applications designed to mirror the tools available in Microsoft Office
– including music players, media players, sound recording and editing software
Security and Privacy Protection
– antivirus and spy ware detection software
Graphic / Desktop publishing tools
- free image and photo editing software
- web browsers and Internet suites

I like this listing – it’s clean and easy to follow and includes many of the popular free software options with links directly to pages where you can download them. It also shows just how much great software is becoming available to use in this way.

I’ve also mentioned previously why alternatives to costly proprietary software are important to the WBL sector – if you missed that and want to know more you can access that post here.

Via Marcus Zillman

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