Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Online Tutorial for Jobseeking (and fifty pound prize draw)

Many work based learning centres include some job searching activity as part of their provision so I thought I’d signpost this online resource which I’ve been getting quite a bit of feedback on recently.

Internet for Jobseeking is a free online tutorial designed to help learners who are job-searching. Freely accessible on the web, it has a simple "teach yourself” format that is supported by interactive quizzes and exercises. It can be used by learners to work through on their own or can be incorporated into session based activity that is led by a trainer. As a web based resource this can also be incorporated or linked into your virtual learning environment or any other online web space.

For an example of how this resource could be used see this page which has a session plan based around a Job Searching Session.

(Another useful tutorial is "Internet for Images" which focusses on finding copyright free images to use in training resources).

Both tutorials are part of the Intute Virtual Training Suite, a site that provides free Internet tutorials for education/training. Ive mentioned this previoulsy here.

The service has been in operation for some time now and the Intute team is keen to get feedback on how the reources is used. Co-incidentally, during this month (March 2009) there will be a weekly draw with a prize of £50 worth of Amazon vouchers for those completing a short survey on what they think of the site.

So if you haven’t yet seen the tutorials, now might be a good time to take a quick look, submit your feedback in the survey and stand to win a £50 voucher in the process!

Happy browsing and good luck!


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