Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Project Management in a Box

I’ve just received a batch of JISC’s Project Management in a Box CDs which I’m happy to give away to any learning providers who are currently undertaking or thinking of starting e-learning projects. This toolkit, offers ‘simple and effective tools for project management – in a box’.

The CD contains a handy set of documents that can be used in the various stages of implementing a project, such as setting roles and responsibilities, project review, setting a business case etc.

My colleague Kevin Brace, discussed the toolkit recently on his blog so there’s more information there about the areas this tool covers. There’s also information on JISC Infonet’s site about their wider support of project management.

If you’d like one of the free toolkits please get in touch with your name and organisation details. I have just a dozen or so to give away so it will be a case of first come first served.


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Anonymous said...

Hi there

If its not too late I would really like to obtain some of the project management resources that you have referred to.

Please could you email so that we can pass on full details