Wednesday, 25 March 2009

E-Learning Case Studies by Sector and Region

The Excellence Gateway team have now made it easier for learning providers to discover examples of good practice with e-learning. The newly renamed site now allows you to filter case studies by sector or by region, so a learning provider is now more easily able to see what similar learning providers are doing with e-learning.

A few examples of work based learning case studies include:

Using voting devices with interactive whiteboards for practise tests
Assessors using digital notepads for Assessment Report Forms
Learners using mobile devices for recording evidence

There are many, many more examples, some of which I’ve also previously summarised here.

This new filter option is a welcome addition to the site and one which I’m sure will be valued as the numbers of case studies continue to grow. Our Information Officers have clearly been doing some sterling work; the site already has over 100 case studies and growing.


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